I am seriously going nuts right now thinking about which subspeciality to do after my gazzettement.The decision is so so important as it determines what I'll be doing permanently for the rest of my life ! Oh my god..
As suzie pointed out , I have to consider what I want most in life..'Fame' or 'Fortune'?I want both !..plus 'Free time' ..hehe so macamana eh? Ok Ive got a few options here .. hope u guys can help me decide.
1st is nephrology..most likely will give fortune, because of the so many procedures to be done,kat private sekali buat dapat at least 4-500 ( kalau x beribu) plus boleh jaga private dialysis centres , can get up to a few thousand extra a week. But then the training in HKL is quite bz.. plus im a bit obsessed about procedures, so..mcm tak ja.
Second is dermatology. A good option ,if planning to open up a private skin clinic. I was initially interested to join ella in this ( how ella?) ,its a good way to make money and at the same time not be so busy with work because skin rarely has any emergencies ..but ill lose out on my internal medicine knowledge as dermatology is almost totally a different field .sayang pulak..
Another option that mama actually brought up is endocrinology. Interesting ..requires a lot of internal medicine knowledge, but hmm probably wont get as much money as the two above sebab tak banyak procedure.Not as bz as nephrology however, and possibly can get the ' fame' part if i stay in government service..thats not so bad....
I know i cant have all, but hopefully i can do something I will enjoy that will last me for more than 20 years..so macamana ?...


This was taken in the car, on our way back from taiping.We went to Taiping for the sole purpose of bringing him to Taiping Zoo Night Safari( nak expose pasal binatang la konon), but guess what he slept all the way through!Akak yang excited tengok binatang binatang tu..and the ironic thing was ..Kashful woke up the very minute that we stepped out of the zoo...ceh!

Lagi gambar kashful

I'm tired of people commenting that Im too young to be a sepecialist...its the knowledge and experience that counts , not one's age..but i guess i should have expected this kind of attitude in our community ...Anyway..kashful had his first haircut recently..tadaa..suzi kata macam askar prebet..

kashful's photos

lagi gambar kashful..
he now can roll over from front to back and vice versa, dah makan nestum beras, next week im introducing him to rusks..dah pandai baca paper plak tu..berkerut kerut muka, marah kalau ambik paper dari dia..

yey now i can concentrate on kashful

Finally all the hardwork and tears paid off...ive passed my final mrcp exam..Alhandulillah..no more intensive studying for the rest of my life.My plan is to concentrate on my family - abg zahrul and kashful..:)..sekarang kahsful dah besar, org ingat dia dah 6 bulan, padahal belum pun masuk 4 bulan.Na ni kashful pakai baju tina beli.

The First Entry

Im writing this with mixed feelings .. excited to start ' blogging' and share my daily musings with you guys , a bit anxious as it has been years since i last held a pen to write ( about my feelings..kalau pasai medic tu banyakla) and frankly a bit down after the recent exam ...hmmm..
Anyways, these feelings aside, believe it or not..Im actually now bored to death at Guar Chempedak, doing locum for abah,alone..aiyoh semua patient mai asyik mintak MC ja..they came with symptoms that you cant examine ..eg: sakit perut this morning because I ate gulai daging yesterday, sakit kepala sebab angin -- duh??, sakit urat...mak aih..
I just wish Im at home now with kashful, eating something delicious that Mama has managed to cook within just minutes.But alas,Im here, simply because it is my responsibility to contribute something for suzie's upcoming exam.... Abah did the same thing for my exam..Thanx :)..
Ok I think Ill update you guys on kashful's development now..
We were in KL for almost 2 weeks recently, and just came back to Alor Setar yesterday. He is now 2 months + 2 weeks..and within this fortnight he has grown so much!even mama and abah were quite amazed to see how big he is now.
He responds more when talked to..coos and likes to laugh out loud esp if abah, abg zahrul or his atuk from kluang 'agah' him...abg zahrul forced himself to laugh continuously for a full 15 minutes and for this he was granted with a ' gelak berdekah- dekah' by kashful one night.. hehe best..He is also quite fascinated with colours and because of this ive bought him a colourful fabric book ..sometimes he would look intently at the pictures, but most of the times he just looks bored..:)..another major achievement..kashful is now able to roll from his back to his side ..he has done this 4 times since turning 2 months..yey!
I think thats all for now..Ill put up his pictures for you guys, his aunties and uncles, to see soon..in the meantime ive got another patient coming for senggugut nak mintak MC ..gotta go..Adios!